Roadside Serenity

A random act of gardening

by Annie Stoltie

Ever had a stranger anonymously pay your toll or buy you coffee or leave an extra few hours in the parking meter—on purpose? At first you’re confused. Who? Why? Then you realize—reaffirm, perhaps—that people are good, that random acts of kindness really do happen. Art Ford’s Serenity Garden will make you feel that way. read more


Saranac Lake's roots music celebration

by Chris Morris

It’s high noon on Sunday under clear blue skies. The temperature is nearing 80 degrees, but a slight breeze makes the heat more than bearable—it’s what some might justifiably call a perfect Adirondack day. Saranac Lake’s historic Union Depot is buzzing with activity. Couples in lawn chairs seek refuge from the sun’s rays under a big white tent, while young children weave between them, dancing and playing to a live soundtrack of bluegrass, folk and Americana. read more  

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