Beam Yourself to Trekonderoga

The bridge of the Enterprise, courtesy of Trekonderoga

Have a hankering to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where you haven’t gone before? Try Trekonderoga, a celebration of the campy 1960s sci-fi series beaming into Ticonderoga September 4–6. For the $40 convention admission price, Star Trek fans can tour the iconic sets that have been painstakingly recreated inside 13,000-square-foot Retro Studios, located at 112 Montcalm Street. (The carbon-copy layout is used to film Star Trek New Voyages webisodes, fan-fiction serials that have been drawing faithful fans since creator James Cawley began filming in nearby Port Henry more than a decade ago. Read more about Cawley’s prime directive in “Port Henry: The Final Frontier,” from our December 2006 issue.)

Along with studio tours, there will be a “Dealers’ Room” offering a wide range of Star Trek and other pop culture bric-a-brac, plus run-ins with special guests—including Sally Kellerman (aka “Hot Lips Houlihan” from the movie M*A*S*H), who played a doctor in one of the very first Star Trek episodes; Sean Kenney, Captain Pike from the classic episode “The Menagerie”; and BarBara Luna, one of William Shatner’s romantic conquests from the days before he knew he was ironic. Also on tap: movie-making workshops, lectures and screenings. For a little extra cash ($30) you can attend a showing of “The Trouble with Tribbles,” with the author of the episode, David Gerrold, on hand to provide commentary, and for a lot of extra cash ($195), you can go home with the most trektastic souvenir ever—video of yourself being beamed up to the Enterprise‘s transporter room.

Visit for the weekend’s full schedule.


Beam Yourself to Trekonderoga
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