The Soundtrack to Your Adirondack Romance

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There’s hardly a singer in the world who hasn’t crooned a line or 20 on the universal subject of love—heck, even Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, had that wretched duet with Lita Ford—and Adirondack artists are no different. So whether you’re compiling a mix tape for your Blue Line valentine or looking for the perfect first-dance song for your Adirondack wedding, here’s a selection of romantic North Country tunes.

Artist: John Kribs
Hometown:  Lake Luzerne
Song: Days Like Today
Romantic lyric: “I feel just like Fred Flintstone, and it’s all because of you. You make me wanna shout, ‘Yabba Dabba Doo!'”

Artists: Neil Rossi and Tom Akstens
Hometowns: Bakers Mills, New York, and Burlington, Vermont
Song: Beautiful Brown Eyes
Romantic lyric: “Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes. I’ll never love blue eyes again.”

Artist: Celia Evans
Hometown: Paul Smiths
Song: I’ve Got a Love
Romantic lyric: “I’ve got a love that’s sweeter than sugar maple sap. And he’s got a soul that’s bigger than wind blowin’ down a mountainside.”

Artist: Stony Creek Band
Hometown: Lake George
Song: Love’s Growin’ (Day by Day)
Romantic lyric: “I’m a drifter, but she’s my home. I’m at peace when we’re alone.”

Artist: The Gibson Brothers
Hometown: Ellenburg
Song: Just Lovin’ You.
Romantic lyric: “If I could be anyone that I wanted to be, I’d be me, just loving you.”

Artist: Dan Berggren
Hometown: Minerva
Song: Love Is Like a Song
Romantic lyric: “No song before ever sounded so sweet. Your life won’t be the same anymore.”

Artist: Roy Hurd
Hometown: Saranac Lake
Song: Adirondack Woman
Romantic lyric: “She’s an Adirondack woman, she’s as pretty as Silver Lake.”

Artist: Annie & Drew Sprague
Hometown: Jay
Song: Old Dirt Road
Romantic lyric: “Just something ’bout moonlight that makes her want to shake them bones.”

Artist: Lucid
Hometown: Plattsburgh and Paul Smiths
Song: Highest Vibration HIghest VOX 1
Romantic lyric: “Love is the highest vibration.”

Artist: Crackin’ Foxy
Hometown: Saranac Lake
Song: Tonight You Belong to Me
Romantic lyric: “Although we’re apart, you’re a part of my heart.”

Artist: Alex Smith
Hometown: Long Lake
Song: North Point Road
Romantic lyric: “I could drive with you for hours, listening to the radio.”

Artist: Theresa Hartford
Hometown: Saranac Lake
Song: Strawberries and Whiskey
Romantic lyric: “I need a man to stop and stay where I am. I need a man who will bring me strawberries and whiskey.”

Artist: Big Slyde
Hometown: Lake Placid
Song: Some Old Side Road
Romantic lyric: “High road, low road, some old side road, really don’t matter to me, if it gets me back to you.”

Artist: Monsterbuck
Hometown: Upper Jay
Song: Volunteer
Romantic lyric: “I’m your volunteer … I’m your elephant’s ear, I’m an extra blanket.”


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