The Long Way Home

Musician and cancer survivor Dan Snyder reclaims his Adirondack roots

by Joe Connelly

Dan Snyder’s trek to raise money for cancer research lasted eight days, but the journey to get there took a lifetime. It started on a sunny morning on August 30, 2016, at the southernmost point of the Northville–Placid Trail. Dan Snyder had just completed a grueling four months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation treatment for stage three prostate cancer, and he wanted to celebrate with a 133-mile walk in the woods. read more


Deaf Film Camp

Where summer fun and self-expression meet

by Amy Feiereisel

“One!” Veronica shouts, as the director of Deaf Film Camp, Michael Kaufer, signs the number to the campers, counselors and teachers in the dining hall. They stomp their feet. The floor trembles. “Two!” Campers raise and shake their hands furiously. “Three!” They clap as though it’s the curtain call of a Broadway performance. read more


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