nd2015_PaulSmiths_webTwenty Million and a Hyphen

A gift stirs controversy at Paul Smith's College

by Ned P. Rauch

Sometime after dark on January 17, 1937, pneumonia finally overwhelmed 84-year-old Phelps Smith. His two brothers had died before him, one from blood poisoning, the other from pneumonia. His mother, Lydia, died in 1891. And his famous father, Apollos “Paul” Smith, the legendary guide and hotelier who built a woodsy empire selling semi-refined Adirondack adventure to urban “sports,” succumbed in 1912 to the aftereffects of an operation. He was 87. Phelps never married and had no children. He was the last of the line; an uncommonly innovative and successful family with the most common of last names was no more. read more

Illustration by Mark Wilson Lofty Labels

What's in a name?

by Annie Stoltie

Mount Matumbla, a couple of miles outside of Tupper Lake, is the highest peak in St. Lawrence County. It’s only half the size of Mount Marcy, but its name implies exoticism and grandiosity. Same goes for Mount Arab, the second highest peak in that county. Truth is, Matumbla and Arab come from our North Country ancestors’ mangled pronunciations of the French montagne bleu, or blue mountain, and érable, or maple. read more


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