Sugar House Creamery

Two young farmers living a dream and making delicious cheese in Upper Jay

by Annie Stoltie

Imagine two kids, about to graduate from college, who fall in love. They design a shared, seemingly impossible dream and then, just a handful of years later, actually make it happen. They do it with a combination of elbow grease, creativity and drive. And today, on an early May morning, after the cows have been milked, the manure shoveled, the hay spread—and just before the cheese is ready to be ladled—Margot Brooks and Alex Eaton can see that it’s all coming together.  read more

Meals on Wheels

The Clay Hearth's wood-fired pizza—rolling to a hamlet near you

by Lisa Bramen

On summer Sundays, the farmers’ market at Marcy Field, in Keene, is the place to be. Fresh veggies, farmstead cheeses and the handiwork of regional artisans are for sale, but it’s as much about socializing as shopping. Children play tag on the grass, dogs strain at leashes in the olfactory equivalent of speed dating, and people who haven’t seen each other since the previous fall catch up over bins of salad greens.  read more  

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