The Vagabonds

Ford, Firestone, Edison and Burroughs and the birth of Adirondack car-camping

by Elizabeth Folwell

1916: War raged in Europe as America clung to the sidelines. Tenor Enrico Caruso recorded “O Sole Mio,” a swooping ballad punctuated by clacking castanets. Charlie Chaplin starred in One A.M., a hilarious silent film that had the young actor crawling in a window, stepping in a fishbowl, climbing the stairs like a drunken mountaineer and finally collapsing in the shower. There were millions of cars on American roads, millions more streaming off the assembly lines of Detroit. read more  

Fessy's Footage

Saving an Adirondack outdoorswoman's home movies

by Daniel Eagan

By the shortest route it’s almost seven miles to the summit of Dix Mountain, one of the 46 High Peaks over 4,000 feet. It’s not a journey that you take lightly. Eight years ago, on Au­gust 13, 2006, Jeff Truelove climbed all that distance for someone else. read more


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