The Adirondack Summer in 10 Sound Bites (Updated)


Campfire photograph courtesy of Flickr user Rahul Rekapalli

There are still a few weeks left of summer—a whole month, in fact, according to the calendar. But recent cool temps and the first blush of fall color on some leaves are a reminder that the usual seasonal boundaries don’t always apply to the Adirondacks.

Consider the following, then, an auditory scrapbook—something you can bookmark and return to in the gloom of November, when you can close your eyes and let these quintessential Adirondack summer sounds take you on a mini-vacation.

1. Can’t you just smell the smoke and taste the s’mores when you hear this crackling campfire?

2. Casting a line into a serene lake.

3. Fireworks.

4. Lapping water.

5. Crickets prove that the quiet country life isn’t always so quiet.

6. A white-throated sparrow sings O Canada, O Canada (though I always thought it sounded like the tune of “Here Comes the Bride”).

7.  A veery.

8. A red squirrel chattering.

9. A summer thunderstorm.

10. And just when you’re getting overly sentimental, here’s a reminder that summer’s not all pleasant: mosquitoes.

 UPDATE: How could we forget to add the most beloved summer sound of all? Loons, of course! Want to know more about what different loon calls mean? The September/October issue of Adirondack Life, which includes a loon article by David Sommerstein, will be on newsstands soon—or you can download the digital edition right now.

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