Champlain Views from Cheney Mountain

The Champlain Bridge from Cheney Mountain. Photograph courtesy of Chris Maron, Executive Director of Champlain Area Trails

Guide John Cheney was a key figure in so many Adirondack stories, including the early days of the McIntyre Iron Works, near Newcomb. Along with mapmakers, fortune seekers and geologists he led hunters and anglers deep into the Essex County woods starting in the 1820s. It’s no wonder that a cobble in the High Peaks, a pond in Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest and a summit near Port Henry bear his name.

Last summer volunteers for Champlain Area Trails (CATS) finished work on Cheney Mountain. With at least three lookouts—offering views toward Moriah’s iron mines, the High Peaks and Lake Champlain—the 1,116-footer packs in a lot of interest for its small size. Cheney Mountain is a fine outing for the family, with a round trip of about a mile and a half. The trailhead is on Pelfershire Road, off Route 9N/22 near Port Henry.

For many more hikes in the eastern Adirondacks, including Belfry, Cook and Coon Mountains check out the Champlain Area Trails or read “On the CATwalk” from the 2010 Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors.

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