Learn to Shoot Like an Adirondack Life Photographer

Heart Lake at twilight is one High Peaks destination for the Adirondack Life Photography Weekend, September 18-20. Photograph by Mark Bowie.

Summer in the Adirondacks is a photographer’s paradise. Greens and blues of woods, water and sky are intensely saturated, and warm, golden light washes over the landscape. There are amazing vistas stretching from mountain to valley and macro scenes of fern and wildflower on the forest floor. Casually capturing these moments makes for great memories, but if you’d like to build your camera skills—and shoot during the height of foliage season—read on.

Adirondack Life shares great photography in each of our eight issues a year, and on our website advice from seasoned pro Mark Bowie is available 24/7. In his latest “How I got the Shot” he explains how to freeze action—kids jumping off a swim raft—while preserving a distant High Peaks view.

For total immersion in Adirondack photography plus the chance for one-on-one instruction by some of the best in the business, the annual Adirondack Life photo weekend is September 18-20, in Lake Placid. Cosponsored by the Adirondack Photography Institute and the magazine, the event includes plenty of field work, technical sessions and informal critiques. Instructors Johnathan Esper, Mark Bowie and Joe LeFevre each have different approaches to outdoor photography and are comfortable working with beginners as well as more advanced students. Unique to this program is a session with Adirondack Life art director Kelly Hofschneider as well as the chance to meet editor Annie Stoltie and other magazine staff. Kelly’s advice on what she looks for in an image is key information for any photographer who’d like to share pictures via contests and publications.

Bowie explained, “We’ll be photographing some of the terrain that makes the High Peaks so special—big mountains, quaint lakes and ponds and beautiful fall foliage. The sunrise view over Whiteface Mountain and the MacKenzie Range from the west is one of the most dramatic in the park. We’ll photograph the Cascade Lakes, rimmed by birches and tucked in a narrow fault valley bounded by towering cliffs. The morning mists swirling over Connery Pond, surrounded by incredible colors, and Whiteface Mountain rising in the background is an iconic scene. We’ll also shoot the majestic night sky over Heart Lake and the High Peaks.

“The unique aspect about this workshop is that students get to work with three teaching pros and learn first-hand from magazine staff about the types of images they’re looking for and how to submit for publication,” he said. “Great landscapes, fall colors and caring teachers—it’s an incredible value.”

LeFevre added, “This photography event is one of the highlights of my summer and fall. It gives us a chance to come together as photographers and editors to share with participants useful information concerning cutting-edge techniques and insights into what the magazine editors are looking for in terms of imagery. In addition to lectures, we take the participants out in the field to prime locations at sunrise and sunset and give tips to help them capture those special Adirondack moments. It’s an informative weekend packed with lots of great information. And beyond that, it’s just plain fun!”

Tuition is $550, which includes all meals and instruction. Base camp is at Lake Placid’s Hotel North Woods. For more details on the program, visit the Adirondack Photography Institute website.



Learn to Shoot Like an Adirondack Life Photographer
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