10 Adirondack Halloween Costume Ideas

Forget dracula. If you want to scare a North Country crowd, head to your next Halloween party dressed as our all-too-real bloodsucker, as shown at center in the accompanying Mark Wilson cartoon. Wilson offers two other Adirondack-themed ideas: a Frankenpine, left, the cell phone tower that masquerades as a pine tree; and Mr. Blue Potato Head, inspired by the Cornell hybrid spud born in the park. Note he’s no couch potato, preferring a more regional perch.

Wilson inspired us to come up with some other regional getups:

Noah Rondeau: Famed hermit and mayor of Cold River City

Zomboni: A dead-on-the-ice skate rink necessity

Champ, aka Champy: Lake Champlain’s beloved sea monster

Frankenpine, blackfly and Mr. Adirondack Blue Potato Head. Illustration by Mark Wilson

High Peak(s): A chemically altered Adirondack mountain or a group costume that offers 46 options

Alien Invaders: Rock snot, Asian longhorn beeted, milfoil, zebra mussel, Japanese knotweed … works well as a group costume

Uboo Ale: A startling version of Lake Placid’s popular suds

Indiana Jones Batman: The endangered Indiana bat who’s here to save his species from the villain White Nose




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