Meet the New Kids on the Block at Asgaard Farm

Courtesy of Asgaard Farm

Nothing says spring like baby animals, and Asgaard Farm, in Au Sable Forks, has an abundance of little critters—89 kid goats as of this week. They range in age from only a few days to a month. And they are cute as all get out.

To celebrate the happy dairy herd, Saturday, April 19 is Kidding Day, an open house with a chance to meet all those goats in their barn and pastures. According to Caitlin Aherne, who makes goat-milk soap and caramels and oversees the farm shop, the fields are finally dry enough to allow guests to see the chickens and cows as well as visit the studio of artist Rockwell Kent, who owned the farm until his death in the 1970s.

This event, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., is a repeat of the March 22 Kidding Day, which drew nearly 150 guests to have lunch (free!), learn about Adirondack agriculture and meet owners Rhonda Butler and David Brunner and the farmers who help make Asgaard a model of sustainable food production. Visitors will be encouraged to get in the pens with the kids and also to sample the fresh and aged cheese made here. Aherne said that the first batch of creamy chevre should be ready by the weekend.

The farm covers hundreds of acres in the Ausable Valley, with wonderful views of Whiteface Mountain and other High Peaks. It’s about a mile off NYS Route 9N in Au Sable Forks. Along with the farm tour, the shop is open on Saturdays, offering frozen grass-fed beef, pork and free-range chicken; as an Easter bonus, there are multicolored eggs for sale from Asgaard’s flock of Ameraucanas.

Read more about Asgaard Farm and other Adirondack cheese makers in “Culture Club,” from the May/June 2012 issue of Adirondack Life.

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