Adirondack Life Wins 9 Regional Magazine Awards

Adirondack Life won a total of nine awards—one gold, four silver and four bronze—at the International Regional Magazine Association (IRMA) conference, presented in Banff, Alberta, on October 16. The awards honored work from 2016.

Brian Castner’s “Three Days in the Santanonis” (Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors), about an arduous trek with his young sons, took Gold in the Travel Feature category. The judges commented, “Loved every word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph of this piece. Heart pounding for those young boys, feeling the hunger in their bellies, and the excitement, terror and pride so beautifully described in this adventure.”

High Profile” (October), Annie Stoltie’s look at our enduring fascination with Adirondack fire towers, was the Silver winner in the General Feature category. The judges called it “a beautiful example of how to take a commonplace object that people might walk past a hundred times in their life but never really stop to see, and elevate [it] to an object of historical reverence.” Stoltie’s Short Carries essays—”A Piece of the Park” (June), “Why They Stay” (August) and “Seasonal Disorder” (December)—also won Silver in the Column category, with judges praising them as “evocative and convincing commentary that entrances a reader into feeling a vested interest in the subject at hand.”

James Odato won Silver in the Public Issues category for “Aaron Mair” (December), about the first African American president of the Sierra Club and his efforts to bring more people of color to the Adirondacks.

Niki Kourofsky earned a Bronze award in the Essay category for “Valentino and Me” (February), about her fascination with an old roadhouse in a town with ties to the silent-film heartthrob and his lover. The judges called it “an intriguing vignette, skillfully presented.”

Janice Kun received a Bronze in the Single Illustration category for “Vanishing Acts” (June).

Art director Kelly Hofschneider was the Bronze winner for overall art direction in the over-30,000-circulation category.

Yvonne Albinowski’s “Freeze Frames” (April), about the Schroon Lake Ice Fishing Derby, won Silver in the Portrait Series category, as well as Bronze in the Portrait Photo category. One of the judges commented, “This isn’t necessarily a subject I would be interested in, but this presentation, the surreal landscape, and personal look at the people involved is hard to pass by at a glance.”

The magazine also received two awards of merit, and was a finalist for Magazine of the Year.

IRMA has 35 member magazines from Arizona to Missouri to British Columbia. It was established in the 1960s to help regional magazine publishers, editors and art and circulation directors share ideas.


Adirondack Life Wins 9 Regional Magazine Awards
A Piece of the Park Scenery everybody wants
Seasonal Disorder When the only constant is change
From Jamaica to Peru The inextricable fortunes of a northern Adirondack orchard and the generations of men who travel thousands of miles to work there
Hidden Heritage History books say that Native Americans didn’t live in the Adirondack uplands. New evidence dating back 13,000 years reveals that they are wrong
Behind the Lens: Mist and Maples, Eighth Lake
Up in the Air Drone photography can capture unparalleled views of the Adirondacks. But as drones’ popularity grows, how will they affect privacy rights, the environment and the wilderness experience?
Pine Cone Mercantile Schroon Lake's charming boutique and bakery
Eagle Island Former Girl Scouts earn the ultimate badge with the rescue of their beloved camp on Upper Saranac Lake
Come Back Story The rewards of taking your time
Peter Paine The legacy of an Adirondack power broker
Love and Challah Summers with my grandparents at Sacandaga Park
Behind the Lens: Predawn Clouds Over Whiteface
Wired in the Wild Even in the Adirondacks, big data is watching you
Last Monday in July A boater who had been partying all day collided with a family taking an evening cruise on Lake George. The family—and Lake George—will never be the same
Family Style Camping in the Moose River Plains
Three Days in the Santanonis What happens when a father brings his boys on one of the toughest treks in the High Peaks
Death of Jon Cody The man behind the myth
High Profile Our enduring fascination with Adirondack Fire Towers
Club Adirondack Teeing off at seven noteworthy courses
Behind the Lens: Pine Tree in Floodwood Pond
125 Years of Liquidity: Adirondack Paddling
125 Years of Inspiration: Arts in the Adirondacks
How I Got the Shot: Railroad Tracks, Lake Clear
125 Years of Altitude: 25 Adirondack Hikes
Deaf Film Camp Where summer fun meets self-expression
The Long Way Home Musician and cancer survivor Dan Snyder reclaims his Adirondack roots
Trail Safe A forest ranger's backcountry tips that could save your life
How I Got the Shot: Early Digital Images, Loon Lake
Ride of the Century A classic tour around Lake George