The Big Break

A new miniseries brings Hollywood to an Adirondack prison town

by Kate Messner

Numbers 95 and below, please come up front!” a young woman called into a microphone, and a scattering of people rose from their seats in Plattsburgh’s Strand Theater. They lined up and shuffled forward so a young man with an iPhone could snap their head shots before sending them to another holding area in a different section of the theater. read more


Big Slide Brewery

Lake Placid's newest pub fuses tradition with creativity

by David Sommerstein

Big Slide Brewery & Public House is decidedly not “Adirondack-y.” Bolted sheets of hammered zinc cover the walls by the concrete-topped bar. The dining room is flanked by a sleek open kitchen and shiny silver beer tanks. Overhead, a spaghetti tangle of black wires dangles a couple dozen Edison lightbulbs. Down-tempo electronic music pulses quietly. Even the wooden strips on the bar, mimicking the silhouette of the Adirondack’s Great Range, are subtle. read more


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